The Paladin’s Thief: Book TwoTest Cover Rings

Teamus Steeps is an acquisitioner, not a thief. Admittedly, the nuance doesn’t play well with the town authorities, but as long as the kids get fed and nobody notices the boarded-up cobbler’s shop on Redemption Alley, Teacup can ignore his nagging conscience.

Unfortunately, Teacup steps into the torchlight, so to speak, when he rescues a young knight from assassination. Suddenly, the assassins’ guild is hot on his tail, and Teacup’s best hope is a breadcrumb trail left by one of the dark guild’s own best and brightest.

RINGS picks up where DARTS left off, tailing Teacup deeper into the alleys of Ector and closer to a conflict between the forces of order and chaos. As Sword and Sorcery pastiche, RINGS represents the core fantasy characters and archetypes that enthusiasts love (and hate), explores their deeper motivations, and reminds us that good friends are hard to come by.


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