The Paladin’s Thief: Book Three

cover1_open eyes_detail

Teamus Steeps is an acquisitioner, not a thief. Or he was, until the town of Ector started spreading it around that he’s been hunting and killing assassins. Intentionally. Now his former occupation doesn’t really matter so much as staying light on his feet.

With the dark guild dogging his every step, Teacup heads to Fortrus Abbey with his most precious cargo—his kids—and with Magnus, hoping to find refuge with the Brothers of Light.

Instead, they find abbey in turmoil and the order of paladins quite content to kick the hornet’s nest without any fallback position.

Once again, Teamus finds himself cleaning up messes that bigger, stronger, and smarter men have created, with the growing realization that the dark guild is no longer content to simply settle the score.

SWORDS takes the loose ends from DARTS and RINGS and weaves a tapestry twice as big as the previous books while exploring the shades between order and chaos on an increasingly epic scale.  As Sword and Sorcery pastiche, SWORDS represents the core fantasy characters and archetypes that enthusiasts love (and hate), explores their deeper motivations, and reminds us that good friends are hard to come by.


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