The Paladin’s Thief, Book Three

swords halfcover

Teacup is an acquisitioner, not a thief. Admittedly, the nuance doesn’t play well with the town authorities, but as long as the kids get fed and nobody notices the little odds and ends that keep disappearing, he can ignore his nagging conscience. Unfortunately, staying gainfully employed has become increasingly difficult ever since his misunderstanding with the assassins’ guild.

When the dark guild sends a pair of magii to polish him off, Teacup decides there’s no shame in seeking sanctuary in Fortrus, a city built up around the greatest abbey of the Paladins. He’s always preferred a quiet retreat to open combat, anyway. Loaded down with dark relics, his kids, and an injured knight, Teacup takes to the road in search of safety, redemption, and a good night’s sleep.


But, safety isn’t the soupe du jour, it seems. The city of Fortrus is in upheaval when Teacup arrives, and the Paladins are neck deep in the center of it. With his back against the wall and the assassins’ guild closing in, Teacup realizes that the time for running is long gone.



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