Contest: What is Vlad saying to Dimitri?

I sketched the attached comic several years ago, but saved it until I found a cartoonist. (For a laugh, ask me for the original. In celebration of my previous vampire-riddled post, help me come up with a caption for the following cartoon:


I have a caption in mind for it, but maybe yours is better? Submit yours in the reply section by next Wednesday, April 1st (not a joke) for a chance to win a paperback copy of DARTS. And Subscribe. It’s fun!

18 thoughts on “Contest: What is Vlad saying to Dimitri?

  1. “Dmitri, have you seen Crazy Olga anywhere? She left her dentures on my desk again, the old bat!”

  2. “I swear, Dmitri, if you leave your spare dentures in the staff bathroom one more time, so help me, I WILL put a stake in your scrawny chest!”

  3. “Look, Dmitri! I found the solution to your tooth decay problem! And it was right beneath our noses the whole time!”

  4. “Vat is dis you arr doing, Dimitri? If you weesh to climb the bureaucratic ladder, you muzt remove de staples width these vampliers. The saliva is most unprofessional.”

  5. “I suhzpect foul play here, Dimitri, I told my friend, Skeets [our CFO] dat he should have kept hes mouth shoot instead of blabbing about de missing mohney. Don’t just stand there, find Skeets. He’s got information dat ve must have…and all ve have ees vell…hes teeth…..”

  6. Loosing your fangs could be detrimental to your diet you can’t replace your fangs – a stapler remover can be replaced

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