The Paladin’s Thief, Book One
darts_front_cover (barnesnoble)
Teacup is an acquisitioner, not a thief. Admittedly, the nuance doesn’t play well with the town authorities, but as long as the kids get fed and nobody notices the boarded-up cobbler’s shop on Redemption Alley, Teacup can ignore his nagging conscience.

But it’s been a bad night for Teacup. He’s hungry, wet, and tired. He’s run afoul of the assassins’ guild, lost a bag of stolen goods, and bet his last penny on the local darts champion when he should have been buying bread for his kids.

Worst of all, Teacup knows it’s his own fault he’s swinging from the tavern chandelier, up to his armpits in hot candle wax.

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