“Sanderson is a beast; he cranks out another huge fantasy book like every year. And they’re all good, he deserves it.”

–SFFWorld.Com forum commentator

I’m not bothering to fact check that. It would be more accurate to say he cranks out several huge books a year.

And while they vary in subject and tone, the books are all unique, with driving plot lines and interesting twists.



The Way of Kings.

When juggernaut fantasy novelist Robert Jordan passed away, Mr. Sanderson was selected to finish off the Wheel of Time series. He added three enormous volumes, each a worthy anchor for one of Her Majesty’s Ships, even though the original contract was for only one book: A Memory of Light. He has two Hugo Awards under his belt (one shared), and he’s very very entertaining to listen to. He even wrote a short middle-grade series for kids (and immature adults) about a family whose lineage are all named after famous prisons.

That’s why, when he came to Houston in January, I sprang for an expensive hard–bound copy of Firefight. Not so much to get it hot off the press, but because I wanted to meet him, never mind that I might have done that 13 years ago at BYU. (I just can’t remember who was there during those two days I read slush pile for BYU’s semi-pro fantasy/sci-fi magazine, the LEADING EDGE.)

I do remember Brandon’s essays from that period, written while he was editor of the same magazine mentioned above, because I quoted them repeatedly as an undergrad in papers for the excitingly-titled “Writing for Publication” class. So, the night before the signing, I did what any fan-boy might do: I crawled into the attic and dug out an old copy of the LEADING EDGE, and when the book signing started, I plopped it down on his table.

“I’m a fan of your earliest work.”

He looked at it in grand surprise and then turned deftly to the page where his name was, signing enthusiastically.

“I don’t think I’ve ever signed one of these!”

10 points for Gryffindor!

Brandon’s lecture at the signing did not disappoint, and my kids came away with loads of loot, as they had asked interesting questions and helped him pass out prizes to the other attendees.  Brandon was very kind.

Maybe one day he’ll be my friend on Twitter, or endorse one of my books, or post on my Facebook page.  Or maybe I will always be that annoying fan-boy who should have spent more time reading slush-pile. Ha! No matter!


2 thoughts on ““Sanderson is a beast; he cranks out another huge fantasy book like every year. And they’re all good, he deserves it.”

  1. Awesome. I remember you telling me about this. Btw, I’m following your blog now. The post on Facebook brought me here (Actually to the amazon review, then I gravitated to this one).

    1. Yeah, this was a fun experience. I should probably tweet this out there and see if Brandon picks it up!

      Thanks for following. I think you’re actually number 3! I’m trying to make this a fun and interesting resting place for people interested in literature and writing to hang out and rest. I don’t have any James Joyce quotes yet. Any favorites?

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